About Us

Tech-Weld, Inc. is a full-service custom manufacturer of precision welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments. Founded in 1992, Tech-Weld is a family run and operated business where welding has been passed down for generations. Tech-Weld has taken over 70 years of experience and put it to work for each and every customer that we have had the pleasure to serve. It is these very same customers that have been the key to our success. Our focus on working with our customers to meet their needs, along with a willingness to adapt to changing requirements as-needed has not gone unnoticed.

In the past 25 years, we have more than tripled in size. Our first facility, located in South Elgin, IL, was a mere 3,500 square feet. In 1996, we moved to our present location in Elburn, IL. It is here that we have continued to evolve and expand.

Our Philosophy:

Tech-Weld, Inc. is dedicated to being a leader in the field of precision welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments. We are committed to providing a quality product at a reasonable price. It is our goal to not only meet, but to exceed our customers, suppliers and employee expectations each and every day. We know that every person is important, and we strive to make sure everyone we work with feels valued and taken care of.

For Our Customers:

  • We will deliver quality, cost-effective products that meet your specifications.
  • We will work with you to make sure you get what you need, when you need it.
  • We will provide you with the best customer service possible.
  • We will keep our equipment updated and maintained.
  • We will use the highest quality materials.

For Our Suppliers:

  • We will work with you to develop mutually-rewarding relationships.
  • We will respect you and your employees as we do our own.
  • We will work with you honestly and treat you fairly.
  • We will work with the best suppliers we can find.

For Our Employees:

  • We will understand and recognize the value of every employee.
  • We will provide you with the training and support needed to be a successful member of our team.
  • We will work hard to create and maintain a strong business that allows for security of employment.

At Tech-Weld, every customer, supplier and employee is a member of the family. We strive for continued excellence and support of our employees and ourselves. It is with great pride that we are entering our third generation of operations. We expect there will be many more.

Tech-Weld: Providing custom welded tubes, tanks, cones and weldments.

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